1. Title
    Mr, Mrs Miss
  2. Family Name
  3. Given Name(s)
  4. Former Name if Applicable
    Married, Maiden etc
  5. DOB
    Date of Birth
  6. Address , House or Unit No
  7. Street
  8. Suburb
  9. CIty
  10. Postcode
  11. Preferred Phone Number
  12. Work number if applicable
  13. Current Employee name if applicable
  14. Employee Address if applicable
  15. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  16. Were you born in Australia?

  17. Are you still at school?

  18. If you have finished school what year did you complete?
    Highest Level attained
  19. What year did you complete school if applicable
  20. Employment status

  21. What Language do you speak

  22. If English is not your 1st langauge please specify how well you speak English
  23. Do you consider yourself to have a permanent or significant disability
  24. If yes above please select applicable

  25. Since leaving school have you completed any qualifications
  26. If Yes above please advise the highest level

  27. What is your reason for study

  28. Qualification(s) you wish to enrol onto
    If more than 1 please specify
  29. Your preferred email address
    USI. COMPULSARY. Note - If you do not have a USI you can obtain one at www.usi.gov.au From 1st January 2015 it is mandatory that Registered Training Organisations collect a student’s Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number so that your results can be lodged with the Department of Industry. Please note if you already have a USI it must be provided on enrolment.

    Spring Into Training Companys Terms and Conditions.

    Please take time to read the Terms & Conditions (Available in PDF format by clicking HERE) before Submitting the enrolment form.


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